The Southend On Sea Rifle and Pistol Club (SRPC) is a Home Office approved Club.
The Conditions of the approval include requirements for the Club to collect sufficient information on an applicant to perform due diligence.
This information is collected via:-

  • a telephone contact followed by a face to face interview,
  • Overview of the Club
  • completion of a questionnaire by the applicant,
  • views given by the provided referees, and
  • by observation and assessment during the Probation period.

The Application Process.

When you get in touch, ideally via the CONTACT form, you will be contacted by the Membership Secretary who will set up an interview date and time. It is usually on a Sunday morning at the Lubards Range. Please bring some form of photographic identity, e.g. a passport or driving licence.

The application process and probation will be explained at your interview.
An Application Pack will be issued and you will be invited to complete it and return it to the Membership Secretary. Please have a look at the information provided and requested.

Once you have returned the completed Application Pack the information will be checked and a date for your orientation visit will be agreed. Orientation and induction takes place over three visits during which time you will have completed basic range safety training.


During your first few visits you will receive your INDUCTION training which will include:
(1). Introduction to the Club,
(2). Basic Safety, and
(3). Safety when handling a gun.
You will also get an overview on how Zeroing a gun works.

The application form can be found as Part Three of the Application pack.
You will have to provide details of two references both of whom must complete their part of the form before you can return it.
Your reference must know you and be in regular contact.

At the end of the INDUCTION training, if you are still interested in joining, your application will go before the Management Committee for approval.
Once Probationary membership is granted you will get a confirmatory letter and a Permit to Shoot.
This document summarised the conditions for probationary membership a provides a means to record attendance.

The Club’s Training Programme is modular in structure and mixes theory and practical training. It starts at Air Guns and there you will get training in how to use an air pistol and air rifle for precision shooting. You will be given a practical and written test at the end of each module.

Probation will last six months during which time the probationer receives training and has an opportunity to look at the Club, its culture and the facilities on offer.
At the same time the Club will assess the attitude of the probationer to ensure, as far as possible, that he/she will make a suitable member of the Club.
All assessments are moderated and an appeal system is in place.


The Club’s insurance policy is provided by its affiliations to the NRA and NSRA and provides the level of public liability required by the terms of its Home Office Approval.

This insurance policy covers you during your probation period. It covers you only whilst participating in Club activities. Once you become a member you must provide your own insurance cover. Insurance will be discussed during your induction to the Club.


It is important that applicants understand that information will be shared with Essex police who have a responsibility of ensuring that the Club is meeting its Home Office Approval conditions.
Some details may be given to the NRA and NSRA for insurance purposes.
Please look at the Club’s Privacy Policy to see who will have access to your data, how it will be stored and processed.


Membership2024 Membership fee covers membership and range fees:
Full members £20 per month by Standing Order
Senior members (65 or over on 1st January 2024) £18 per month by Standing Order
Junior/Students £15 per month by Standing Order
Range FeesGR&P £7 per session
SBTR £7 per session
Air Weapons £7 per session
Bisley depends on numbers. assume £25 plus cost of hiring gun and ammunition
MOD depends on hosts. assume £25 plus
AmmunitionRim Fire Club ammunition £4 to £6 per box 50 rounds
Gallery Centre Fire Club ammunition £25 plus per box of 50 rounds
Full-Bore Club ammunition at least £1.50 per round
FirearmsAir Pistols Club pistols available to use
Air Rifles Club rifles available to use
Gallery Rifles Club rifles available to use
Small-bore Target rifles Club rifles available to use
Full-bore rifles Club rifles available to use
EquipmentEar defenders
*Need to buy prices range £5 to £150
Eye protection
*Need to buy prices range £5 to £130
Shooting Jacket and sling
*Target Rifle only. Need to buy, not cheap.
Shooting gloves
*Target Rifle only. Need to buy, not cheap.
Wet weather gear
*Full-bore Target Rifle only. Need to buy, costs will vary.